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In broad terms, Administrative Law governs legal disputes that arise between a Government Agency or Department and an individual or company. An Administrative dispute includes, inter alia, circumstances where an individual or company requests the review of a Government decision or the prevention or the prevention of any specific action being enforced by a Government Department.

At BZN LEX INTERNATIONAL LAWYERS, our team of Administrative Lawyers have experience in all sort of administrative matters.

Further, we have experience in appearing on behalf of and representing our Clients in numerous matters in a number of Courts and Tribunals, both at a Regional and State level. These include the Administrative Appeals, Local Courts, High Courts and Supreme and Constitutional Courts of Spain.

Should you have an Administrative Law issue you wish to discuss, it is recommended that you seek professional legal advice from a member of our team. We can assist you with preparing applications and/or lodging appeals for the Administrative Tribunal or Court, ensure that you understand your rights and obligations when dealing Government Department and/or a Tribunal or Court, discuss with you the strong and weak points of your matter and endeavour to assist any further enquiries relating to your Administrative Law matter.

How we can help

Key areas of knowledge include

  • Administrative remedies in case of traffic and any other fines, as a result of infringment of the State of Alarm (COVID-19).
  • Lodging of appeals and claims
  • Appeals in contentiousadministrative proceedings
  • Appearance in every kind of Administration
  • Claims of state liability of the Administration
  • Forced expropriation
  • Human Rights: Defence of citizen rights against the abuse of public government bodies

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Administrative Law