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Are you buying an off-plan property in Spain and using the developers nominated solicitor?

Dear Readers, Some Building Developers might recommend you the use of their own usually cheaper solicitors to handle the property conveyance. This can be risky as the solicitor is unlikely to be truly independent as the same firm may be representing the developer as well.

In other words, at the event of dispute,- although not even paid for by the developer,- the Solicitor will be protecting in fact the developer’s interests, not yours!

Our advice: always proceed with caution. Whilst it is tempting take advantage of the incentives on offer in relation to legal fees, it is always best to make your own enquiries into Law firms of your choice.

Therefore, avoid using the developers ‘nominated Solicitor’ whether you wish to buy a resale or off-the-plan property.

Should you require any further advise in relation to this or any other matter, please contact us on www.bestsolicitorsinspain.com

Thank you very much for your attention and we look forward to helping you.

kind regards

Mr. Oscar Ricor