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Wrongful acts of tenants

0.0 00 Responsibility of the owner for wrongful acts caused by tenants Beware of wrongful acts of your tenants, especially if you are a homeowner in a community. In fact, you could be jointly legally liable for any harm, damages or annoying behaviour caused by your tenant to the rest of the neighbours. Legislation applicable:…

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0.0 00 # VERY URGENT HELP!! Please donate NOW to “HOGAR NAZARET”, and save the children from sexual exploitation and organ trafficking! Our Mission Statement At BZN LEX INTERNATIONAL LAWYERS, Charitable giving is one of our main aims (other than winning compensations for our clients of course) and as part of our corporate responsibility, we…

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Parental Liability in Spain

Parental Liability in Spain

0.0 00 PARENTAL LIABILITY: Who is responsible for the children’s wrongful acts in Spain? In the case of Sarah,- a girl of 12,- she accidentally hit with her bicycle, a pedestrian who was walking in the street, causing him injuries that needed medical treatment for two almost months. The injured party claimed 4.000 euros compensation…

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Le testament en espagne

Le Testament en Espagne

5.0 01 CINQ CONSEILS UTILES 1. Pourquoi est-ce important de faire un testament Notarié en Espagne? Le testament en Espagne. Un testament est un document qui contient des directives sur ce que vous désirez que l’on fasse de vos biens personnels et de vos biens fonciers après votre décès. Le notaire étant un officier public,…

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Our Statement of purpose

Our Statement of purpose

0.0 00 To uphold justice and the rule of law At BZN Lex, our Statement of purpose has always been to uphold justice and the rule of law. We passionately believe that the upholding of the Rule of Law. The right to a fair trial goes to the heart of democratic values and Justice in…

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Need Legal Advice

Need legal advice, then read on

0.0 00 Need legal advice? We are pleased to inform all our readers and clients that I will be available for a free 10-15 minutes consultation. The date: Wednesday 12th June from 11.45 am to 13:00 am The place: Manhattan Restaurant, Calle del Aqua | Cabo Roig, 03189 Playa Flamenca, Orihuela, España Thank you very…

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public document

Signing contracts at the Notary

0.0 00 Remember that signing any important contracts should be signed at the Spanish Notary. The notary is a professional within the Spanish law system and his/ her main function is to certify Spanish documents ensuring that private agreements fulfill certain legal criteria. This is applicable whether you might be considering buying or selling a…

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divorce in spain


0.0 00 Divorce in Spain is never painless, but our experienced law Firm can provide all the expertise, advice and support you will need to settle your uncontested or contested divorce quickly and efficiently with the least amount of stress or expense. We are proud to inform you that, – as litigation lawyers, – we…

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road traffic accidents


0.0 00 A LEGAL CONSULTATION FROM A CLIENT LEGAL QUESTION: “I have suffered a traffic accident with my motorbike in a roundabout. A car hit me and the driver of the car is responsible. However, due to the fact that my insurance has expired, will the driver of the car still be liable for the…

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0.0 00 Claim for alleged defective ankle-foot orthosis In a complex Tort dispute, we have won a new case won, as the Civil Court of Torrevieja has ruled in favor of our client. We are indeed very satisfied with the outcome, – as after a fierce battle, – we have saved our client from paying…

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Court decision


0.0 00 FANTASTIC SUCCESS FOR BZN LEX: ECONOMIC ADMINISTRATIVE COURT RULES IN FAVOR OF OUR CLIENT! The Court has overruled the unfair decision rendered by the Tax Revenue Office, consequently we have won another case against the administration. The facts of the case are as follows: The tax Revenue office unfairly tried to impose a…

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European Court

European Court of Justice

5.0 01 A new hope for thousands of consumers European Court of Justice on the IRPH clause in Mortgage Loans Dear Readers: The European Court of Justice, has been asked to clarify whether the judgment of the Supreme Court is adjusted to European community law, as it stated in the Directive 93/13. The Supreme Court’s…

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Private contract

Private Contract: Legal Tip of the day

0.0 00 Dear Readers: Remember that any important private contract in Spain should be signed before the Spanish Notary. The notary is a professional within the Spanish law system; and his/ her main function is to certify Spanish documents ensuring that private agreements fulfil certain legal criteria. This is applicable whether you might be considering…

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Spanish Residency


0.0 00 PRIVATE MEDICAL INSURANCE REQUIRED! As the Brexit deadline of the 29th March approaches rapidly, we are helping a significant number of UK citizens to apply for Spanish Residency. Many clients have expressed their concern about the medical insurance. Therefore, please find below some useful information regarding this important document. Remember that it is…

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0.0 00 (Annual tax declaration + Emergency assistance) In the first place, we would like to take this opportunity to kindly inform you about the Annual tax return. We have indeed detected that this issue is still creating some confusion among our new clients.  First, if you own a property in Spain, it is automatically considered as…

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5.0 01 BREXIT DEADLINE APPROACHING Dear Readers:  We have been receiving many enquiries from a lot of clients concerned about the need to exchange their driving licence. As the Brexit deadline of the 29th March approaches rapidly. Drivers from the U.K., living in Spain should swap their driving licence for a local one right away…

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0.0 00 Brexit deadline of the 29th March approaches rapidly, we are delighted to offer our help to those UK citizens already resident in Spain, who might wish to have their residency status declared official, to better protect their interests, before the Brexit deadline. Subsequently, should you be interested in discussing in more detail about…

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5.0 01 Dear clients and readers, We are proud to announce the launch you of a new website and logo, with new improved features, which defines better our corporate image and mission statement. Our goal with BZN Lex’s newly designed multilingual website, is create a user-friendly browsing experience for our trusted and valued customers and…

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Paramount Legal Experience


0.0 00 No matter what the paramount legal experience issue is, a well-trained, experienced and honest Spanish Solicitor is always strongly advisable. You might not be sure of what to look for when you hire a Lawyer in Spain, however we kindly recommend you to contact us or visit our website for further guidance…

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mission statement

A question of Trust

0.0 00 “A question of trust”: According to a recent survey carried out by our Firm, professional expertise, honesty, clarity and confidence are some of the biggest factors in hiring a Solicitor. At BZN lex not only we are knowledgeable and intelligent, but we also have excellent people skills and we will make you feel…

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spanish lawyer

Lawyer in Spain: Legal tip of the day

5.0 01 Dear Readers, Always remember: Prior to agreeing to work with a Lawyer in Spain, you should ask the lawyer to disclose all fees upfront. Likewise, It is highly advisable to sign a retainer agreement on fees. For more info please kindly contact us or visit our website Furthermore, as a lawyer in…

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