Le testament en espagne

Le Testament en Espagne

0.0 00 CINQ CONSEILS UTILES 1. Pourquoi est-ce important de faire un testament Notarié en Espagne? Le testament en Espagne. Un testament est un document qui contient des directives sur ce que vous désirez que l’on fasse de vos biens personnels et de vos biens fonciers après votre décès. Le notaire étant un officier public,…

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public document

Signing contracts at the Notary

0.0 00 Remember that signing any important contracts should be signed at the Spanish Notary. The notary is a professional within the Spanish law system and his/ her main function is to certify Spanish documents ensuring that private agreements fulfill certain legal criteria. This is applicable whether you might be considering buying or selling a…

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0.0 00 (Annual tax declaration + Emergency assistance) In the first place, we would like to take this opportunity to kindly inform you about the Annual tax return. We have indeed detected that this issue is still creating some confusion among our new clients.  First, if you own a property in Spain, it is automatically considered as…

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5.0 01 Dear clients and readers, We are proud to announce the launch you of a new website and logo, with new improved features, which defines better our corporate image and mission statement. Our goal with BZN Lex’s newly designed multilingual website www.bestsolicitorsinspain.com, is create a user-friendly browsing experience for our trusted and valued customers and…

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mission statement

A question of Trust

0.0 00 “A question of trust”: According to a recent survey carried out by our Firm, professional expertise, honesty, clarity and confidence are some of the biggest factors in hiring a Solicitor. At BZN lex not only we are knowledgeable and intelligent, but we also have excellent people skills and we will make you feel…

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recovering off plan

Recovering Off-Plan deposits

5.0 01 Recovering Off-Plan deposits from banks: 100% success rate so far. Deadline for claims October 2020. Dear Readers: After years of protracted legal ordeal, stress and suffering, homebuyers who were affected by the Spanish property market crisis, are finally recovering off-plan deposits, for the money they paid for holiday homes that were never built.…

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Qui paie la taxe foncière (IBI)?

5.0 01 Qui paie la taxe foncière (IBI en espagnol) dans le cas d’une vente de propriété ? Conformément à la réglementation fiscale, qui paie la taxe de l’IBI correspond à celui qui possède la propriété au 1er janvier de l’année de la vente. Tout accord privé entre le vendeur et l’acheteur en vertu duquel,…

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