Living Will in Spain


LIVING WILL IN SPAIN Dear clients and Readers, As a consequence of the Covid-19 tragedy as well as the infamous Euthanasia Act was recently implemented in Spain precisely during the pandemic. We have been receiving a lot of enquiries from concerned clients regarding this important matter. Therefore, please find below an informative report with some…

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Le testament en espagne

Le Testament en Espagne

CINQ CONSEILS UTILES 1. Pourquoi est-ce important de faire un testament Notarié en Espagne? Le testament en Espagne. Un testament est un document qui contient des directives sur ce que vous désirez que l’on fasse de vos biens personnels et de vos biens fonciers après votre décès. Le notaire étant un officier public, le testament…

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spanish will


USEFUL ADVICE THE IMPORTANCE OF MAKING A SPANISH WILL AND USEFUL ADVICE AND PRACTICAL RECOMMENDATIONS We would like- if we may- to take this opportunity to kindly give you some useful advice regarding a Spanish Will. We have indeed detected that this issue is still creating some confusion among our new clients. Although you might…

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