Charitable giving is at the heart of our core values. I strongly believe that it is important in life, – not only professionally, but personally also, – to be on the side of the poor. Some people might do it through teaching, others by volunteering, and others by the way they run their businesses. We do it through practicing law.

At BZN Lex, we are firm believers in the notion of corporate responsibility. We share a profound sense of Justice, and we simply cannot tolerate situations of injustice.

That’s why we are devoting our efforts in trying to alleviate or ease the pain and suffering of the needy; both as an individual person, as well as in my capacity as a Lawyer.  In fact, when you have one of those moments; where the work you do helps to tip the balance in favour of some of the world’s most vulnerable people; that can be a real life-changing experience.

I truly believe it is the most rewarding and empowering feeling a lawyer can experience. This has helped me never to lose sight of my true goal in life. That is to continue to fight for the needy, poor and/or pigeonholed in the battle against injustic

I have learned this mentality from my lawyer father, Mr Antonio Ricor, who is a moral authority and a great Jurist.  


Charitable giving is one of our main aims; (other than winning compensations for our clients of course) and as part of our corporate responsibility; we donate and we encourage our own clients and collaborators also, to donate to trusted charities.

However, we do have a set of strict policies on charities who we support. For instance, we only recommend charities we trust implicitly. We prefer charities with specific projects we can follow up on, and to focus on smaller sized charities; who do not turn charitable giving into a business venture. In other words, charities where we know for a fact; that the money is not going to be wasted on paying intermediaries or excessive salaries to their Directors or employees.   

In short, we prefer supporting the good work of worthy causes, particularly smaller and less well-known good causes; that arguably are in greater need of financial support than many of the more established and well-known national charities.

Please contact us directly for further details.