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«The memories and miseries of wet, damp, cold, windy unpredictable weather have almost faded. The madness of the daily commute and the grind of a 10hour day are things of the past never to return. The pleasures of sun, sea, sand and sangria are many. The fabulous scenic countryside, centuries of history and culture, excellent food and wine, generous hospitality from our new found friends both British and Spanish are just a few of the many things that now enrich our lives. Is this a dream I sometimes ask myself. No, this is real. This is our new life. How did we get here. It’s relatively easy providing you take the time to research, research and research. Talking to our friends it became clear we all took different directions and made many different decisions to achieve the same thing.

On the whole, most of them are happy but some made costly mistakes based on bad advice and poor guidance.

After finding the right property the next step could have been daunting. Our estate agent told us we needed a solicitor as soon as possible. He recommended one which we declined. Our research strongly advised the use of an independent solicitor and to avoid one tied to a builder, developer or estate agent as the advice given may not be impartial or in our best interest. A British couple running a successful business recommended their solicitor. Within 5 minutes of speaking to Oscar on the phone he advised us to sign nothing and under no circumstances to pay money to anyone. Our meeting the following day was conducted in a most professional and courteous manner and in fluent English. He arranged absolutely everything on our behalf including NIE numbers, amending the builder’s contract, the Notary and completing in our absence as we had commitments in the UK. He also contracted Water and Electricity on our behalf. Without his professionalism, patience, help and understanding it would have been impossible to achieve our dream ». John.D&Denise.

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