«Oscar Ricor. Expertise, professionalism»

« We are pleased to give our testimonial and wrote a short recommendation as follows: We have been extremely lucky when we chose our Spanish solicitor to guide us in our property purchase. Mr Oscar Ricor has expertise, professionalism and excellent customer care you very seldom can expect to have from solicitors. He is always acting in his clients’ best interest. We would have no hesitation in recommending his services». Hannele and Asmo R.

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«Expertise and professionalism»Finland.

«We were having a house built in Spain and were experiencing a lot of trouble with our builder we were using a local solicitor but getting nowhere. We then changed to BZN Lex and within months the whole situation was then turned around for us. Great customer service and prompt response». Kate & Mark H.

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«Great customer service»Gran Alacant, Spain.

«The most decent and honorable lawyer»

«I found Mr Oscar Ricor to be the most decent and honorable lawyer who’s understanding of the Spanish law and the judicial system was second to none. He takes his duty to his client very seriously and will go the extra mile to ensure the client’s case is represented in the most professional and effective manner. It also helps that he is truly bilingual which minimizes the ‘lost in translation’ risk. I can not emphasis enough how critical this is. Besides, he is fully committed and unwavering defender of constitutional and human rights.

I have to thank you once more for the commitment you have shown towards this persecution that I have faced». N.Z. Business Entrepreneur

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«Decent and honorable lawyer»London, UK.

« When I lost everything in Spain due to the actions of one of the largest Building Firms in the Country, I was at a loss who to turn to. BZN Lex took on my case with diligence and perseverance even though they were out gunned by a company with assets in the 300 million brackets. I cannot stress my appreciation for their dedication in perusing the case. With limited resources, I was at a loss to find a solicitor that would take my case without first payment of exorbitant fees. Not only did BZN Law Firm undertake my case against one of Spain’s largest Building Companies, they listened to every aspect and went head to head on my behalf. My gratitude to them cannot be expressed enough ». D.C.W.

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A first class service
«Diligence and perseverance»Buck, UK.

«Always upfront and honest with costs»

«We have as a couple and as a family recently benefited from the services of BZN Lex, they have always kept us well informed as the sometimes lengthy processes run their course, always upfront and honest with costs for their services and offering advice where they feel we could make savings, We have no problem in recommending their services to anyone in need of honest dual language solicitors ». John&D D.

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Honest with costs
«Honest with costs»Harrogate, UK.

testimonial BZN LEX

«An exceptional law firm»Tennessee, USA/EEUU.

«If you are having difficulties with any builders in Spain who are either owing you money or other disputes, we one hundred percent recommend BZN Lex Solicitors, who took on one of the most arrogant and selfish builders in Spain on our behalf, and won an out of court settlement. Without their very hard work and determination, we would not have received a single penny. We ourselves only contacted BZN Lex when we were desperate, by recommendations found on the Internet Nigel.»H. & Jennifer.Y.

«Hard work and determination»Hampshire, UK.

«Oscar Ricor has always given us his best advice and service possible. Oscar is very professional in the way he works and has acted on our behalf on quite a few occasions. He speaks very good English. One of the most important things we would say about Oscar is that he is completely honest and trustworthy. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Oscar Ricor to anybody who is looking for a Lawyer. Thank you so much again for all your help in winning the court case against the developer, and for getting our money back. It is only Lawyers like you, who are helping us keep our faith in the Spanish law system». David&Vera.S.

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Completely honest and trustworthy
«Completely honest and trustworthy»Murcia, Spain.

«I can not thank BZN Lex enough for all your advice and legal protection. It is clear that we have been mislead about the cost of this property. Again, your Professional guidance has saved me any financial embarrassment and unnecessary problems.

Secondly, I can not thank you enough for saving me money, time and legal disputes. I am so grateful for your scrutiny and professional guidance. I feel secure in the knowledge that at least the estate agent has not had the chance to take money from me. Once again; sincere appreciate for all your professional guidance! Kind Regards». D.A

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A first class service
«Thank you for saving me money»LIVERPOOL, UK

«I have been greatly impressed with this professionalism and dedication to the case»

«To Whom It May Concern: Mr Morales has acted for me in a professional capacity and I have been greatly impressed with this professionalism and dedication to the case. He approaches his task with thoroughness and commitment and in my opinion is a credit to his profession. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice and representation.»

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I have been greatly impressed
«I have been greatly impressed»HAMPSHIRE, U.K.