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«Like most Brit’s buying property abroad, we went into this purchase before we met you and were advised by the builder and the sales company to use their solicitor. We ignored this and you kindly took over this purchase on our behalf and quickly prevented us from making further mistakes. Everything we had been told could happen was sorted by your self before it did, much to the disappointment of the builder. Oscar not only did you do this at a very reasonable rate with everything included. It would appear after speaking to others that you saved us a considerable amount of money.

Many of our new neighbours were badly advised by their solicitors and have said they would never use the builders solicitor again. We were offered a mortgage by the builder at a reduced rate at the bank, again you obtained us a better offer. From our initial contact you gave us a price and this was adhered to by yourself. Even now over 18 months later you are still sorting our electric and water, a problem caused by the builder.

Oscar all of us class you now as a friend and without your help and knowledge I know our purchase would have cost us dearly. It is our intention to advise people that your company is worthy of their business and would be honoured if you would allow us to have your company name on our web site. » C&S. Hondon Nieves. Spain.

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