Our client saves the house!

After a fierce battle in Court, we have managed to declare the enforcement process and the mortgage null and void, which in practical terms, means that our client has been able to save the house. Please see below the kind testimonial just received from our client when she heard the news (both in its original Spanish version and its translation into English):

Buenos días Oscar;

Leí su correo este fin de semana. – Ni qué decirle como me encuentro. – No lo esperaba con tanta rapidez. No puedo describir con estas letras cuál es mi estado de ánimo. – Son ustedes unos grandes profesionales. Gracias, gracias y gracias. –  

Sin más y con mi profundo agradecimiento reciban un saludo afectuoso.  Mrs M.Diez (Alicante. Spain)

English version (“you are great professionals”):

“Good morning Oscar;

I have read your email this weekend. – Needless to say, how grateful I am.- I did not expect it so quickly. I cannot describe in this letter what my state of mind is. – You are great professionals. Thank you, thank you and thank you. – Please accept my deep gratitude and a warm greeting. Mrs M.Diez (Alicante. Spain)

Reviews like this one I got today make all the hard work and effort we put in winning the case worth it!

Remember, as litigators Solicitors, we are proficient in dealing with all kind of lawsuits against banks, so If you need solicitors who go that extra mile and will guide you every step of the way then please do not hesitate to contact our Firm, and we will be delighted to help you.

You are great professionals