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Mr. Antonio Ricor. Solicitor and Doctor in Law (Ph.D.)

Who and Where we are

BZN LEX INTERNATIONAL LAWYERS is a prestigious and dynamic Law Firm located in Spain. Our offices are conveniently located in Alicante and Torrevieja, but operating throughout Spain.

As fully regulated Dual Solicitors,- (Spanish and English),- we are specialized in providing professional legal advice to international clients,- both businesses and individuals,- over the past 15 years.

Our Core Values

Justice and the Rule of Law are at the heart of our core values. I strongly believe that it is important in life, – not only professionally, but personally also, – to be on the side of the weak. Some people might do it through teaching, others by volunteering, and others by the way they run their businesses. We do it through practising law.

At BZN Lex, we are firm believers in the notion of corporate responsibility and we share a profound sense of Justice, and we cannot tolerate situations of injustice.

Our Mission Statement

That’s why we are devoting our efforts in trying to alleviate or ease the pain and suffering of the needy, both as an individual person, as well as in my capacity as a Lawyer.  In fact, when you have one of those moments, where the work you do helps to tip the balance in favour of some of the world’s most vulnerable people, that can be a real life-changing experience.

This means any single person who contacts our Firm is not just merely another client, but a unique human being, with his or her own worries and problems. A person who needs help. Thus, our goal is to help that person and establish a true human relationship with our clients. What is matter is not only the case but the client?

Moreover, this is our Statement of Purpose, and I truly believe that if the legal profession ever became corrupt, it would not be purified by doctors giving boring lectures about the so-called «Neo-positivism», but by honest and brave Lawyers regenerating their profession from within.

How we can help

Are you interested in investing in Spain? In the affirmative case, we can save you thousands of euros of unnecessary worries and protracted litigation, using our expertise gained from helping individuals and businesses for over 15 years.

Besides, we cover all major areas of Law, such as Integral legal advice about the Freehold and leasehold conveyancing process (buying a property), Spanish Wills and divisions of InheritancesTort Law and lawsuits under administrative law, Claims in Court by contract breach, illegal appropriations and damages, among others.

Subsequently, should you be interested in buying a property in Spain, or setting up a company, we will help you effectively, as we can guarantee you a 100% satisfaction with our services.

Human Rights Defense

Likewise, we are also strongly committed to helping innocent individuals falsely and unfairly accused in Spain, who might be suffering from serious injustice and HUMAN RIGHT’S abuses.(criminal offenses)

Despite the unfairness of the Spanish criminal system, we have saved many innocent clients from being put in prison in Spain. You can see real reviews from our clients by visiting our testimonial section.

Finally, for further details about the nature or scope of the legal services offered, please visit the «Practice area» section of our website

What our Clients say about us

Furthermore, if you kindly check our testimonials section you will find plenty of real opinions given by clients who put their trust in our Firm.

Likewise, we invite you to read numerous testimonials about us in google as well, (please click on the link below);

We are proud to say that all our clients are extremely grateful to our Firm for the paramount high quality of the services rendered, which fills us with a lot of satisfaction and personal gratitude.

After all the legal battles and difficulties encountered, all these reviews give try purpose or meaning to what we do.

How to contact us

Therefore, should you be affected by any serious legal problem,- or perhaps you just might need a second legal opinion,- please do not hesitate to contact our Firm, for a free no-obligation discussion. You can also send us an email now to Please, let us explain your legal rights and options and we will be most delighted to help you immediately.

Thank you very much again for your attention and we look forward to giving you a personalized service and the benefit of high quality and cost-effective advice.

We believe in…. Excellence. Always

Mr Antonio Ricor Beuzón.

Doctor in Law (PhD) University Alicante. Spain

Retired Chief Policeman





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