We cannot sufficiently stress the point about the importance of seeking legal representation when selling a property In Spain, because we are dealing with several cases where the agent has tried to cheat on our client,- the seller,- by getting more commission than the initial fee agreed.

In other cases, we have managed to deadlock the sale in those situations where the buyer’s solicitor was putting problems to the paperwork provided by the seller.

The legal services offered would be the following:

1.- To study the case, review the purchase agreement, and inform you about the necessary paperwork required in order to sell the property, in coordination with the buyer or agent. To help you sort out any possible legal problems affecting the property.

2.- To inform you about the correct final breakdown of payments, to make sure that you receive the correct amount of money at the Notary.

3.- To coordinate with you, the agent and the Buyer the completion’s appointment at the Notary.

4.- To translate the selling Deed at the Notary for you, making sure that the process is satisfactorily completed or with POA.

5.- To manage the payment of the local plusvalía rate (local tax paid by the vendor to the town hall after completion).

Get in touch with us now and we will be delighted to help you with a selling process.

A Real testimonial from a grateful client:


You are not only a great lawyer but also a great human being”

Hi Oscar, I am very grateful for all unexpected work you did for me re sale of my property in Spain.Many other solicitors would have long given up because of the impossible hurdles you faced.

But with belief and sincerity you carried on,until we actually achieved success.

I am and continue to be grateful to you for the rest of my life.

You are not only a great lawyer but also a great human being.

Love to your family.May God bless you all. May meet you soon?


Tariq Iqbal