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We are committed to protecting you to exploit your intellectual property rights. We are experienced in supporting the intellectual property rights of a wide range of businesses – from small start-ups to multinational companies. Furthermore, we can ensure your intellectual property rights receive protection from the outset. We also handle unfair competition, trade secret and deceptive trade practices litigation for our clients.

Moreover, we recognize that the issues and risks of the new electronic ways of doing online business affect all types of businesses and across all legal disciplines. Subsequently, we assist clients with issues relating to electronic transactions. For example, website use agreements, cross-border data transfers, domain name issues, copyright, patent, and intellectual properties issues, and cross-border e-commerce issues.

  • Trademark registry OHIM in Alicante
  • Copyright Law, Patents, Domain names and IT
  • Mediation and litigation Department
  • E-Commerce and Online Business
  • eSport
Intellectual Property Law