Are you having problems evicting a tenant or a squatter? Is a tenant causing trouble and not paying rent? Discuss your landlord, tenant dispute with our Firm. We have an in-depth understanding of landlord rights and how the law applies to commercial and residential properties. In fact, we have represented landlords in a broad range of disputes with tenants over the past few years. We subsequently comprehend the unique issues that landlords face and the feasible solutions that are available.

When we take a case, our top priority is always to find the most practical yet cost-conscious resolution to help save you time and money. Our goal will be to help you resolve disputes with your tenants in the most cost-efficient and effective manner possible.

Scope of services

  • Breach of lease agreements
  • deposit dispute
  • Evictions
  • Failure to maintain property or illegal or hazardous activities carried out at the property
  • Non payment of rent. Overdue rent recovery

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We are equipped to provide cost effective solutions for a wide range of landlord-tenant issues