What is the NIE number? Useful Tips.

First, the Spanish NIE number is the tax identification number, mandatory by all foreigners with financial, professional or social affairs, regardless of whether they are a resident or non-resident in Spain. (i.e buying a property, car, inheritance, management of taxes, get social security, register at the Padron, etc).

Second, in the Alicante region, the NIE number certificate does not have an expiry date. In other areas, it would be advisable to doublé-check in advance.

Third, the NIE number in itself is not valid for identification purposes. This means that you should carry it with you your passport all the time.

Fourth, The NIE number and the Spanish residency are totally different procedures, and different paperwork and requirements must be met when applying for Spanish Residency (depending on whether you are EU or NON-EU citizen).

Finally, you will not be able to exchange your driving licence and get a Spanish driving licence with an NIE number only. You’ll need s Spanish Residency for that.

How does a NIE number look like?

The actual format of the NIE number certificate is an A4 white sheet which contains the applicant’s name, surname, date of birth, city and country of birth, and of course the unique NIE number. Please see photograph below.

How can an NIE number be applied?

There are several ways to do it;

First, if you are abroad, you can apply for a NIE at your nearest Spanish Consulate. This is usually a quick process, and the Consulate will forward us the number by e-mail. However, you need to book the appointment with sufficient anticipation.

Second, in Spain, the NIE number can be requested either by the applicant in person, by going to the relevant Spanish National Police station.

Alternatively, it can be obtained via an authorised figure (usually a Solicitor) holding a specific Spanish power of attorney.

According to our experience, the application process in Spain can get delayed sometimes, especially if the police station is overloaded with applications. Our advice is that you contact us first for specific advice.

What is the paperwork needed?

The paperwork is very straightforward although it might slightly vary depending on the location, so our advice again is to check with our Firm in advance.

In general, these are the documents needed:

  • NIE application form; Remember that the original NIE form must be in Spanish only. However click here for your perusal, to see how an English translation of the NIE application form looks like.
  • Original passport (current and not expired) plus one photocopy.
  • Two small photos.
  • Government fee, which you should pay at the bank in advance, by using a 790 NIE form.
  • If all documents are OK, you will receive your number straightaway.

What can the NIE number be used for?

These are the most common uses:

  • Paying taxes (stamp duty tax, inheritance & donation tax, income tax, etc)
  • Get employed
  • Becoming self-employed or setting up a business
  • Buying or selling property
  • Buying or selling motor vehicles
  • Inheritance
  • Paying utility bills
  • Other

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