Accurate methods of investigation will be needed in order to prove the severity of your injury and what damages you’re entitled to. A strong litigator Solicitor, like BZN LEX, will analyze the police reports, photographs, witness testimony, and medical records to either prove or dispute the authenticity of the injury in question. They key to success in many instances is to consult with specialized injury medical experts, and not just with medical practitioners, as it usually happens with other non specialized Solicitors, who end up losing the case.

Experienced litigators like our Firm will make sure that any settlement offers you might receive from the other party’s insurance company will be in your best interests. Deciding whether or not their offer is favorable requires a thorough understanding of both the law and individual issues pertaining to your case. Consequently, we will review the terms of a settlement offer and determine if your legal rights are actually being upheld.

Types of Person Injury Cases

  • Car accident (whether driver or passenger)
  • Suffering an injury on public property ( shopping center, etc)
  • Bodily Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Insurance claim

Can I claim my medical record from the Clinic?

Absolutely YES! It is a fundamental right of the patient expressly recognized by the Spanish Law. It will be absolutely crucial to obtain your medical information when for example you need to ask for a second medical opinion or, in cases of alleged medical negligence, in order to find out if there might have been malpractice during the performance of a surgical operation, for example,

How to apply it?

Writing to the director of the hospital or medical clinic preferably by Burofax or certified letter, is the best option when all previous “friendly attempts” have failed. Remember that the letter should clearly warn that, failing to hand it over to you, you will formally report the Doctor and the Clinic to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, with recourse to the Courts, if necessary.

Usual Problems encountered

Hospitals do not like being requested for that kind of information because they will suspect that the application is made in order to bring a malpractice lawsuit against them. Be very careful, because they might try to give you an incomplete or mutilated medical record, with the perverse intention of avoiding facing potential civil or criminal liability.

Subsequently, should your Doctor or clinic might refuse to give you your medical report or in case you might be unsure whether the medical report is fully complete or not, please do not hesitate to contact our firm and we will be delighted to run through the options with you.


If you’ve been injured and are involved in a civil lawsuit, you should seek a competent injury Solicitor who specializes in litigation. At BZN LEX INTERNATIONAL LAWYERS, We are experienced litigators who know what to expect from personal injury cases. We strive to provide excellent customer service and want to make sure you understand your available legal options.

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