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Legal Services

With a wide diversity of skills and experience, BZN LEX INTERNATIONAL LAWYERS, provides a complete legal service of exceptional quality, aiming to take the stress and strain out of any legal situation and lead you to the right solution. Our specialist team offers fantastic response time and pragmatic advice in a wide range of services. Among our practice areas, we can help you effectively with the following services indicated below.

Should you have any doubt or question about the nature of the scope of the services offered, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@bestsolicitorsinspain.com or through our contact section.Thank you very much.

Real Estate Property Law

Do you wish to buy property in Spain safely with a complete peace of mind? We can help you.

We are an independent professional law firm and property conveyance is one of our most important practice areas of work. We provide a fast yet still personal yet still cost-competitive service in residential conveyancing (whether buying or selling properties or re-mortgaging) and advising on all aspects of applicable property law. We DO offer a first-class service at a highly competitive price, giving advice to clients in a concise and straightforward way, identifying clear courses of action whatever the technical or legal complexities of the subject.

We offer services on sale and purchase of both residential and commercial real estate:

In purchase conveyancing transactions, our services include review of agreement of purchase and sale, searches on and off title, advising tax department of purchase, preparation of mortgage, signup and explanation, registration, and reportin, etc.

In sale transactions, our services include review of agreement of purchase and sale, responding to purchaser’s concerns, arranging discharge of mortgage, preparation of transfer documentation, registrations (if applicable), and reporting.

We also represent landlords and tenants in negotiating and preparing leases for office buildings, warehouses, industrial facilities, shopping centers and other commercial properties and private dwellings.

In addition to that, we also deal with many cases regarding building’s defects and hidden encumbrances. We take very seriously the fact that for a foreign investor, the dwelling is the most important investment of life and subsequently, that no one can infringe the peaceful right of enjoyment of the owner. In short, we work to secure our clients’ best interests in the successful completion of every deal.

To that end, we offer among others, the following services:

  • Integral legal advice about the freehold and leasehold conveyancing process (buying, selling or renting your property):
  • Draft, review and advice on a purchase/ sale or tenancy agreement
  • Deducing and investigating title (searches, enquiries and planning, etc)
  • Legal Reports. Drafting of contracts and completion
  • Power of attorney
  • Advice and management of taxes and duties resulting from the transmission of Property
  • Registration of Deeds at the Property&Land Registry
  • Fiscal representation for management of annual taxes
  • Advice on remedies concerning building defects, failure to complete and others
  • N.I.E numbers and Resident permits
  • Horizontal property: Formation and Consulting of Owner Communities
  • Foreign Exchange: International payments to Spain
  • Investment property advice and GOLDEN VISA

Wills and Estates: International Succession

With the increasing longevity of the European population, ageing and quality of life are becoming increasingly fundamental to people’s thinking. We subsequently advise individuals, entrepreneurs, small and mid-size business owners. We strive to support their long-term personal and business objectives. The main way we do this is by developing strategies, aimed to preserve their estates and ensure an efficient transition of their wealth to their beneficiaries. 

A succession is said to be international from the moment that there is an element of foreignness connecting the succession to a foreign country. The deceased may be of English nationality and reside in Spain, where he possesses property.

Henceforth, the main question remains that of the applicable law. To that end, we must take into account the regulation of August 17, 2015 which standardizes the civil rules in matters of international succession. In short, these are complex situations where the use of a specialized lawyer is essential.

Likewise, Spanish law dictates, to a large extent, what happens to a person’s assets when they die. However, it is still extremely important for there to be a Spanish Will which compliments any provisions you may have made in your home country. This simplifies the administration of the deceased’s Spanish estate and consequently reduces costs in the long run.

Therefore, among our practice areas, we are capable of giving accurate and relevant advice regarding inheritance. We are fully experts in areas relevant to older and vulnerable adults as well as traditional areas of law such as:

  • Inheritance disputes and all kind of contentious probate cases
  • Spanish Wills and divisions of Inheritances
  • Specialized in complex Inheritances procedures regarding EU and also NON EU citizens, who might be the owners of properties or assets located in Spain at the moment of demise.
  • Certificates of Foreign Law
  • Tax and Estate Planning
  • Powers of attorney
  • Trusts

Civil & Criminal Litigation And Human Rights Law

The role of a negotiating solicitor is to explore settlements which could never be achieved in a Court. It is crucial to provide ideas for alternatively resolving the dispute which could not be enforced by any Court. Furthermore, it is essential to think laterally to promote investigation by the parties of other forms of settlement which they themselves have not contemplated. 

Subsequently, in accordance with our commitment to resolving disputes before a trial, it is our policy to enter into correspondence with the other party. This intends to provide a chance to negotiate a compromise to the dispute. If successful, such a compromise will save the parties time and money. Likewise, it will save the court the inconvenience of formally resolving the dispute. This is obviously a cost-cutting measure aimed to settle the dispute without recourse to litigation. Therefore, when negotiating, we have a proven track of success in reaching rewarding and fair “out of court settlements” for our clients. We know that not every dispute does, or should, go to trial. But if it does, you have to have confidence that you can win. We provide that confidence.

We are fully aware that a civil or a criminal dispute can be emotionally very stressful. This is why our Law Firm has chosen to differentiate itself by a deep humanism and unparalleled professionalism. Subsequently you must know that you can always count on us to guide you. We will promote the exercise of your rights and ensure the defense best suited to your needs.

Our scope of services includes in our litigation practice areas, but is not limited to

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Insurance Law. Sport Law. eSports

At BZN Lex, we share the passion of our clients for sport and we offer qualified legal advice to those involved in sport management, including sporting bodies, federations, sponsors, etc

In fact, the eSports industry is an activity in full swing and very dynamic, which monopolizes more and more media focus. From the legal point of view, this means facing new challenges. Therefore it is fundamental to master the particularities of this new industry: understand what videogame competitions are and who the main actors are. For example; the publisher, the promoter or organizers of videogame competitions, the sponsors, the betting houses or the eSports bars, the teams and of course the players. (French regulations, for example, define the professional videogame player as “a person who competes within the scope of an association or company authorized by the Digital Ministry in exchange for remuneration”). By way of example, we will say that the promoters are affected by a wide range of legal situations such as; obtain the permission of the publisher, establish the competition rules of the registered teams, commercialize the audiovisual rights on the tournament, look for sponsorships and guarantee the integrity of the competition, applying anti-doping measures and fixing the bets.

In short, – if you are any of the aforementioned actors, – take into account that you will receive the advice of a Law Firm specialized in this area of ​​law. This will allow you to carry out your activity with due legal guarantees. Bear in mind that any business or virtual activity has an impact in the real world.

On the other hand, we also provide individuals and corporations with assistance in virtually all areas relating to insurance. Likewise, we also provide our clients representation in a variety of insurance litigation situations, including insurance defense, representation of primary and excess liability insurers, reinsurance, as well as extra contractual liability.

  • Investment, Home, life and civil liability Insurance
  • Private, Company and business insurance
  • Legal contracts of image&property right and Sponsorship contracts
  • Merchandising and licensing
  • Sport insurance for clubs, federations, etc
  • Litigation and Mediation services
  • eSports

Business legal services. Commercial and International Trade

About our client’s portfolio

Our current client base is spread throughout mainland Europe with our clients involved in a range of business activities including, import/exports from/to Spain.

As members of the Chamber of Commerce in Alicante, we are in permanent contact with the rest of the members, who are mostly involved in international trade practices.

As a result, we are proficient in providing any kind of commercial assistance to our clients.

This includes the revision or drawing up of the contract to legal assistance in the event of any subsequent dispute. Being multi-lingual and having a deep understanding of local laws, we are able to effectively advise our clients throughout the duration of any commercial transaction.

We offer commercial legal advice to businesses determined to succeed in today’s competitive environment. We bring a convergence of legal and business visions to bear, in order to ensure that you cover your legal obligations while meeting your business goals, wherever you do business in Spain.

Moreover, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of reviewing or drafting a proper contract, before engaging into any commercial activity in Spain. Just a simple consultation with our Firm might save you from thousands of euros in protracted litigation.

At the event of dispute

Furthermore, in the unfortunate event of conflict, it is essential to rely on a proficient Law Firm.

We have solid experience in the field of international law for the last 15 years. This undeniable advantage will allow us to offer the best legal advice to find solutions adapted to each case.

Finally, we bring a convergence of legal visions to ensure that you comply with your legal obligations while achieving your business objectives, whatever your activities in Spain might be.

Services offered

Our expertise among this practice areas includes, but is not limited to:

  • Incorporating limited liability companies
  • Setting up of companies in Spain and business development
  • Cross border commercial  litigation and dispute resolution. Arbitration and Mediation services in trading and partnership disputes, etc
  • Investment opportunities for foreign companies in Spain
  • Drafting of complex import and export as well as Lease contracts and commercial agreements
  • franchising agreements
  • Sale and purchase of Business
  • Wind-up and dissolution of a business

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Charity & Social Enterprise

Our work with Charities and social enterprises

Supporting charities and social enterprises is our core focus and it is at the heart of our practice.

Whether you are an oversea charity, social enterprise and other not-for-profit organization, or you might wish to set up a charitable Foundation in Spain, we’ll advise you effectively on requirements, strategic issues, governance and many aspects of day to day compliance in Spain.

Our experience enables us to identify common issues and difficulties and means that we will give you cost effective and affordable legal solutions to your needs

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How can we help?

Key areas of knowledge include

  • Charity and charitable company formations
  • Charity property
  • Takeovers, amalgamations and joint ventures, both Spanish and international
  • Charity healthcare
  • Charity governance
  • Remember a Charity. Leave a Gift in your Will to a recognized reliable Charity
  • Data protection issues

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Family Law

Family is the most fundamental institution in a social system. A healthy and successful family unit is a key to strong social fabric and helps a society develop itself on different levels. However, unwanted it may be, things always do not go the way they are planned to be. To avoid any undesired consequences in family disputes, we offer legal solutions to our clients in difficult times.

We distinguish ourselves as a law firm for offering legal services on personal law matters involving multi jurisdictional legal issues. Following are some of the areas where we offer services in family matters:

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(Original testimonial in google) “(Javier Baro Olivar. Alicante). Mi experiencia fue muy satisfactoria. Tuve una atención personalizada, me explicaron perfectamente todo el caso y fueron muy profesionales en todo momento.

(English translation) “(Javier Baro Olivar, Alicante). My experience was very satisfactory. I had a personalized attention, they perfectly explained the whole case to me and they were very professional at all times. “


Intellectual Property Law And E-Commerce

We are committed to protecting you to exploit your intellectual property rights. We are experienced in supporting the intellectual property rights of a wide range of businesses – from small start-ups to multinational companies. We can ensure your intellectual property rights receive protection from the outset. We also handle unfair competition, trade secret and deceptive trade practices litigation for our clients.

Moreover, we recognize that the issues and risks of the new electronic ways of doing online business affect all types of businesses and cross all legal disciplines. Subsequently, we assist clients with issues relating to electronic transactions. For example, website use agreements, cross-border data transfers, domain name issues, copyright, patent, and intellectual property issues, and cross-border e-commerce issues.

  • Trade mark registry OHIM in Alicante
  • Copyright Law, Patents, Domain names and IT
  • Mediation and litigation Department
  • E-Commerce and Online Business

Protection of Honor, Privacy and Personal Image

A photograph posted on the Internet, an insulting comment on a social network, etc. These common practices can cause serious damage to your reputation and good name. Your right to honor, privacy or self-image, can be for ever damaged, even if they are not carried out for profit.

We are expert lawyers in defending the honor of both of individuals and businesses, in those situations where their honor, privacy or image might have been discredited. For instance, as a consequence of publication of videos, images, denigrating or libelous comments published in social media and the internet without their authorization.

Our clients receive a professional advice at the highest level. We will advice on the most effective ways to claim financial compensation for the damages caused.  This quantification will be done according to the specific circumstances of the case and the severity of the injuries suffered.

The main areas of expertise would be the following:

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