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Remember that signing any important contracts should be signed at the Spanish Notary. The notary is a professional within the Spanish law system and his/ her main function is to certify Spanish documents ensuring that private agreements fulfill certain legal criteria.

This is applicable whether you might be considering buying or selling a property, setting up a business or commercial agreement, making a Will, etc

Our sound advice is that you must never sign a private agreement and in a foreign language, like we have seen in many cases. Remember that at the event of dispute, it will be much more difficult and expensive to claim your legal rights in Court!

In fact, we are currently dealing with a company’s dispute where the directors signed a very important agreement poorly drafted and in English! Furthermore, to complicate things, our client paid a significant amount of money without signing a proper contract at the notary office.

The problem is that with such defective document, it will be much more difficult now for our client, to claim his money back in Court.

Therefore, – whether you are an individual or a company, – when signing contracts, remember to follow these simple golden rules:

  1. Never pay blindly any money, only because you believe you trust the person.
  2. Before signing any important document always check with an expert Solicitor in advance.
  3. Any important contract must be signed before the notary, even if the cost might be slightly higher. It will be worth it in the long run.

Finally, we hope this information is useful.

Should you need any legal assistance in Spain, please kindly contact or visit our website for further information and advice.

Thank you very much for your attention, and we look forward to helping you.

With kindest of regards

Mr Oscar Ricor
“NON-PRACTISING ENGLISH SOLICITOR IN ENGLAND AND WALES”, under the “Solicitors Regulation Authority” (SRA) SRA number 519196 and practicing Spanish Solicitor.