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At BZN Lex, we share the passion of our clients for sport and we offer qualified legal advice to those involved in sport management, including sporting bodies, federations, sponsors, etc


The eSports industry is an activity in full swing and very dynamic, which monopolizes more and more media focus. From a legal point of view, this means facing new challenges. Therefore it is fundamental to master the particularities of this new industry: understand what videogame competitions are and who the main actors are. For example; the publisher, the promoter or organizers of videogame competitions, the sponsors, the betting houses or the eSports bars, the teams and of course the players. (French regulations, for example, define the professional videogame player as “a person who competes within the scope of an association or company authorized by the Digital Ministry in exchange for remuneration”).

By way of example, we will say that the promoters are affected by a wide range of legal situations such as; obtain the permission of the publisher, establish the competition rules of the registered teams, commercialize the audiovisual rights on the tournament, look for sponsorships and guarantee the integrity of the competition, applying anti-doping measures and fixing the bets.

In short, – if you are any of the aforementioned actors, – take into account that you will receive the advice of a Law Firm specialized in this area of ​​law. This will allow you to carry out your activity with due legal guarantees. Bear in mind that any business or virtual activity has an impact in the real world.

Insurance Law

On the other hand, we also provide individuals and corporations with assistance in virtually all areas relating to Sport and general insurance as well. Likewise, we also provide our clients representation in a variety of insurance litigation situations, including insurance defence, representation of primary and excess liability insurers, reinsurance, as well as extra-contractual liability.

Sports Law Services

We can advise on a range of matters including:

  • Agency and employment agreements
  • eSports
  • Commercial terms of business
  • Data protection
  • Disciplinary issues
  • Drug Testing and anti-doping
  • Franchise agreements and Merchandising
  • Legal contracts of image&property rights
  • Litigation
  • Merchandising and licensing
  • Private, Company and business insurance
  • Representation and Sponsorship contracts
  • Rights Distribution, Marketing, Rights Protection
  • Sport insurance for clubs, federations, etc

We will guide you through the relevant processes, ensuring that we are here to support you through every step, leaving you to focus on what you do best – running your race or your business and achieving your goals.

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A real testimonial

Please see below testimonial received from a very good client and collaborator Mr Richard Eastabrook, Managing Director of the company “Solsport Invest”, a leading sports consultancy and bespoke real estate service for athletes, sports businesses and sports investors.

«I have worked very closely with BZN law firm for several years on a number of property-related issues and found them to be extremely professional and customer-focused. I have been extremely pleased with the service they provide and their experience and expertise have ensured excellent outcomes. It is vital for me that a trusting relationship is established between myself and a solicitor and this has certainly been the case with BZN Lex. No matter when I phone or how insignificant the query may be, I always receive prompt, user-friendly advice. It’s always a pleasure working with Oscar Ricor; – long may this continue!! » Richard Eastabrook. London&Alicante