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0.0 00 Need legal advice? We are pleased to inform all our readers and clients that I will be available for a free 10-15 minutes consultation. The date: Wednesday 12th June from 11.45 am to 13:00 am The place: Manhattan Restaurant, Calle del Aqua | Cabo Roig, 03189 Playa Flamenca, Orihuela, España Thank you very…

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road traffic accidents


0.0 00 A LEGAL CONSULTATION FROM A CLIENT LEGAL QUESTION: “I have suffered a traffic accident with my motorbike in a roundabout. A car hit me and the driver of the car is responsible. However, due to the fact that my insurance has expired, will the driver of the car still be liable for the…

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0.0 00 Claim for alleged defective ankle-foot orthosis In a complex Tort dispute, we have won a new case won, as the Civil Court of Torrevieja has ruled in favor of our client. We are indeed very satisfied with the outcome, – as after a fierce battle, – we have saved our client from paying…

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Buying a property in Spain

0.0 00 Can I buy a property without a real estate lawyer in Spain? Very risky. The added cost of utilizing a lawyer might deter some people from doing so. But it is absolutely crucial to have the expert advice and guidance of a qualified Solicitor in your corner to ensure that completion go as…

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