C&S. Hondon Nieves. Spain

«Like most Brit’s buying property abroad we went into this purchase before we met you and were advised by the builder and the sales company to use their solicitor, we ignored this and you kindly took over this purchase on our behalf and quickly prevented us from making further mistakes. Everything we had been told could happen was sorted by your self before it did, much to the disappointment of the builder. Oscar not only did you do this at a very reasonable rate with everything included, it would appear after speaking to others that you saved us a considerable amount of money. Many of our new neighbours were badly advised by their solicitors and have said they would never use the builders solicitor again. We were offered a mortgage by the builder at a reduced rate at the bank, again you obtained us a better offer. From our initial contact you gave us a price and this was adhered to by yourself even now over 18 months later you are still sorting our electric and water, a problem caused by the builder. Oscar all of us class you now as a friend and without your help and knowledge I know our purchase would have cost us dearly. It is our intention to advise people that your company is worthy of their business and would be honoured if you would allow us to have your company name on our web site. »

M.M Manchester


«I appointed Oscar Ricor as my solicitor to complete the purchase of an apartment in Alicante. In the UK, over the years, I have dealt with many solicitors, and although they were mainly pleasant, I always felt they were picking my pocket. In short, I felt Oscars fees very reasonable, particularly against todays rate of exchange. The Spanish processes, they were convoluted and bureaucratic, compared to the UK conveyancing system. Yet Oscar Made this all painless, easy and I felt for a reasonable fee. I would recommend him to anybody. »

Jo B’s family.UK

“Dear Oscar, I hope you and all your family are keeping well. Oscar just to thank you so very much for all your support, guidance, compassion and professionalism you have showed myself and my family during the past two years. Life has been very hard since Jo sadly passed away but your support and help has been very overwhelming. Thank you again for your assistance in selling Joanne’s property and the dealing of the finances. With love and best wishes”

R. H. & C. H. West Yorkshire, UK

«Before buying our villa in Spain, we had been made aware by of many potential problems relating to ownership of land, debts against properties and illegal building. We were most fortunate to be introduced to Mr Oscar Ricor, an esteemed Spanish lawyer who not only speaks perfect English but is also an expert in these complex matters.

The guidance and service he and his company have given us since meeting him has been exemplary – so much so that we had no hesitation in recommending him to our own UK accountant, who is now involved in making a Spanish property purchase himself. We continue to retain Ricor Abogados to manage our affairs in Spain, such as Suma (tax), insurances and any problems we encounter, giving us complete peace of mind that we are following the Spanish laws correctly.»

Feedbacks received from several clients on facebook ( extract of the real conversation below).

‪«(…) C. B. K Yes we agree Oscar is the Best Solicitor we have come across in Spain shame others are not like him thanks Oscar hope you are keeping well, hope to catch up with you September x

‪M.F Me too! Oscar is by far the best solicitor we have come across in Spain!!

S.E I agree whole heartedly, superb service very thorough and efficient, thank you

T.W Well said Oscar I totally agree, you are always for support of the people and I for one would like to thank you for your help and support over the last 9 yrs you are a star.

A-J. B Very well said ‪Oscar Ricor!! I remember you coming to my home in Formentera to help with information and advice when my husband was arrested. I couldn’t have met a nicer gentleman than yourself and you helped us to sort out the matter. There will always be “haters” and people wanting to bring you down …. Because you are successful and honest. One day they might just need your help!!

D.S Quite right – Oscar and his team are magnificent.

TW well done Oscar

K.E Oscar Ricor advised me when I needed to change my will. It was a simple, inexpensive process, and Oscar explained everything to me, in his perfect English, before the signing took place. Highly recommended.

C.S‪ Oscar advised me on my Will, so easy, did it all be email, he arranged a local notary, great value for money. The best advice I have ever paid for in Spain».

David B. Ireland

«Oscar Ricor is a truly magnificent lawyer and person. Had to engage his services for criminal proceedings against my partner and from the outset his assurances concerning his ability to defend and work towards a satisfactory conclusion reassured my belief in the legal profession of Spain. Communicating in English both written and oral to provide updates as well as detailed submissions to the Spanish courts, telephone updates, visitation to my partner and an excellent response (email response within hours) is the character of a truly professional service. His costs quoted for undertaking the case were detailed and broken down and reflected the workload, there wasn’t any hidden costs, there wasn’t any demand for additional monies, payment was requested for each stage of the proceedings when needed. He succeeded in reuniting a family and ending a nightmarish period in our lives. He also provided a end review of the overall proceedings explaining decisions of the courts and comforting assurances that the case was completely concluded. On a footnote this matter all began 2012 for us as a family but having engaged Mr Ricor services in 2016 the case ended for us in January 2017. If your foreign and in need of special legal services then I cannot but highly recommend Mr Ricor ».

Keith D. England

Buying a property in Spain can be a daunting proposal. There are so many people prepared to take advantage of those keen to make a purchase. Without a totally independent and professional solicitor you are soon to be a victim. Enter Oscar and his team If it were not for his excellent attention to detail and sound advice. I would have brought an urban property which was illegal this would have left me with huge losses when selling. Oscar research of every fine detail. I took his advice on board. despite constant pressure from the agent and the owner withdrew. I then brought another property which was fully legal and with all the correct documents and I have total peace of mind. Oscar’s team helped me whey step of the way. Polite, patient and all ways put me as a client first.

S. Jones. England

I have complete confidence in Oscar Ricor, who has now helped me to buy two properties in Orehuela Costa, Spain.

The transactions have proceeded smoothly due to Oscar’s diligence and professionalism. The fact that he is fluent in English and holds an English legal qualification, alongside his Spanish ones, together with his extensive experience has given me ‘peace of mind’ throughout.

Oscar has also assisted us to obtain our N.I.E. numbers, advised us with preparing our Spanish wills and submitting our annual tax declarations. Furthermore, he is able to offer very competitive insurance quotes.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending his services to everyone.

Two new testimonials

Please find below and attached some recent testimonials received by several satisfied clients:

Oscar recently carried out the conveyancing for the sale of our villa. Throughout the process he was thoroughly professional and went out of his way to help and guide us effortlessly through the procedures, documentation and Notary process. He is fluent in English and French and we thoroughly recommend him. Thanks again for everything. Best regards, G & Ros


Dean B. & Amanda M.

From the first contact we had with through to exchange of contracts for our property, BZN Lex provided us with first class service. It was reassuring to know that they were only a phone call or email away if ever we had any questions that needed answering. A professional service, reasonable rates and I am so pleased that e had you on our side to make the whole process as stress free as possible. We cannot but highly recommend BZN Lex.


I appointed BZN LEX to complete the purchase of an apartment in Alicante. In the UK, over the years, I have dealt with many solicitors, and although they were mainly pleasant, I always felt they were picking my pocket. The Spanish processes, they were convoluted and bureaucratic, compared to the UK conveyancing system. Yet BZN LEX made this all painless, easy and I felt for a reasonable fee. I would recommend them to anybody.

Richard E.
Alicante, Spain.

I have worked very closely with BZN law firm for several years on a number of property related issues and found them to be extremely professional and customer focused. I have been extremely pleased with the service they provide and their experience and expertise has ensured excellent outcomes. It is vital for me that a trusting relationship is established between myself and a solicitor and this has certainly been the case with BZN Lex. No matter when I phone or how insignificant the query may be, I always receive prompt, user friendly advice. It’s always a pleasure working with them – long may this continue!!

Malcolm C.
Edinburgh, UK

I am a UK resident who recently purchased a home in Spain. Mr Beuzón was recommended to me and I am very glad that we chose to go with him and his team. I was particularly impressed by his attention to detail and high level of customer care. The fact that he is English law qualified and fully bilingual makes him an excellent choice for any ex-pat who requires legal assistance in Spain

Hannele and Asmo R.

We are pleased to give our testimonial and wrote a short recommendation as follows:

We have been extremely lucky when we chose our Spanish solicitor to guide us in our property purchase. Mr Beuzon has expertise, professionalism and excellent customer care you very seldom can expect to have from solicitors. He is always acting in his clients’ best interest. We would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Kate & Mark H.
Gran Alacant, Spain.

We were having a house built in Spain and were experiencing a lot of trouble with our builder we were using a local solicitor but getting nowhere. We then changed to BZN Lex and within months the whole situation was then turned around for us.

N.Z. Business Entrepreneur
London, UK.

I found Mr Beuzón to be the most decent and honorable lawyer who’s understanding of the Spanish law and the judicial system was second to none. He takes his duty to his client very seriously and will go the extra mile to ensure the client’s case is represented in the most professional and effective manner. It also helps that he is truly bilingual which minimizes the ‘lost in translation’ risk. I can not emphasis enough how critical this is. Besides, he is fully committed and unwavering defender of constitutional and human rights.

I have to thank you once more for the commitment you have shown towards this persecution that I have faced.

Buck, UK.

When I lost everything in Spain due to the actions of one of the largest Building Firms in the Country, I was at a loss who to turn to. BZN Lex took on my case with diligence and perseverance even though they were out gunned by a company with assets in the 300 million brackets. I cannot stress my appreciation for their dedication in perusing the case. With limited resources, I was at a loss to find a solicitor that would take my case without first payment of exorbitant fees. Not only did BZN Law Firm undertake my case against one of Spain’s largest Building Companies, they listened to every aspect and went head to head on my behalf. My gratitude to them cannot be expressed enough.

Harrogate, UK.

We have as a couple and as a family recently benefitted from the services of BZN Lex, they have always kept us well informed as the sometimes lengthy processes run their course, always upfront and honest with costs for their services and offering advice where they feel we could make savings, We have no problem in recommending their services to anyone in need of honest dual language solicitors.

Mary. M.V.
Tennessee, USA/EEUU.

After my father’s unexpected passing, I was left with my parents’ estate in the United States and Spain. Even with my husband being an attorney in the United States, we were overwhelmed with the Spanish legal system and its web of complexities. I first found BZN Lex while searching the internet. After submitting inquiries to approximately 15-20 attorneys in the Torrevieja/Alicante region, I found that their response stood out from the others giving us a clear guidance. Our situation was highly complex, with parents having different citizenships, multiple heirs with different citizenships, and of course living so far away. Even though there were language barriers and two different countries’ laws to navigate, BZN Lex guided us step by step through the entire inheritance process including Apostille seals, probate paperwork, powers of attorney, name changes, wills, establishing new accounts, tax issues, insurance and much more.

My family and I now have property in Spain through the help of BZN Lex and feel at peace knowing that my parents’ estate was taken care of properly through their guidance. I highly recommend BZN Lex and will continue to seek their guidance and help as long as I have any ties to Spain. There is no way I could have done it without them. BZN Lex is an exceptional law firm and rare gem amongst the rest.

Nigel.H. & Jennifer.Y.
Hampshire, UK.

If you are having difficulties with any builders in Spain who are either owing you money or other disputes, we one hundred percent recommend BZN Lex Solicitors, who took on one of the most arrogant and selfish builders in Spain on our behalf, and won an out of court settlement. Without their very hard work and determination, we would not have received a single penny. We ourselves only contacted BZN Lex when we were desperate, by recommendations found on the Internet.

Murcia, Spain.

Thank you for all your help. It is only Lawyers like you, who are helping us keep our faith in the Spanish law system.


I can not thank BZN Lex enough for all your advice and legal protection. It is clear that we have been mislead about the cost of this property. Again, your Professional guidance has saved me any financial embarrassment and unnecessary problems.

Secondly, I can not thank you enough for saving me money, time and legal disputes. I am so grateful for your scrutiny and professional guidance. I feel secure in the knowledge that at least the estate agent has not had the chance to take money from me. Once again; sincere appreciate for all your professional guidance! Kind Regards.


To Whom It May Concern

Mr. Beuzón has acted for me in a professional capacity and I have been greatly impressed with this professionalism and dedication to the case. He approaches his task with thoroughness and commitment and in my opinion is a credit to his profession. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice and representation.

KF M (Company)

In all our dealings with BZN LEX we have founded them to be a very proficient organization. They have always dealt with our business in a professional and courteous manner, with the diligence one would expect from one of Alicante’s more established practices.

R.D. (Company)

Immediate and efficient responsiveness to any complex international legal issues. We would not hesitate to recommend BZN INTERNATIONAL LAWYERS to any International business which needs quality and qualified services related to compliance and legal matters.

M. Blanchard
Lisieux, France

Le travail est bien fait, les délais respectés, les réponses aux questions y compris au téléphone, sont claires et précises. Je recommande bien volontiers votre cabinet.

M. C & J. F
Playa Flamenca, Spain

Thank you for explaining so eloquently and precise the process of purchasing Villa in Pilar de la Horadada, I really appreciated you protecting John and myself. I felt very happy that you have our interests at heart.

I will most certainly recommend yourself in the future, as I have some friends whom are looking to purchase a property in Spain. Once again thank you.

Martin and Gilian P.
North Yorkshire, UK

I must say how impressed I was with how hard you worked on our case, and I can only thank you for such a good personal service we are receiving from you. I believe that if solicitors in England put as much effort as you do into your work, then I would have a better opinion of them than I do at present, and get a good service from them.

Frédéric J. & Isabelle C

Je vous remercie pour votre professionnalisme et votre excellent travail accompli avec diligence et efficacité.

B. Dupont
Campello, Espagne

Je vous écris pour vous remercier Maître Beuzón pour les services précieux que vous m’avez fournis. je suis vraiment très contente de vos services. Je voudrais par ce message féléciter toute l’équipe de “BZN Lex” qui n’ a jamais menagé aucun effort pour satisfaire la clientèle.


J’ai eu l’honneur et le grand plaisir de venir par le présent message remercier tout l’équipe de BZN LEX pour leur professionnalisme.