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Wills and Estates: International Succession

Wills and Estates: With the increasing longevity of the European population, ageing and quality of life are becoming increasingly fundamental to people’s thinking. We subsequently advise individuals, entrepreneurs, small and mid-size business owners. We strive to support their long-term personal and business objectives. The main way we do this is by developing strategies, aimed to preserve their estates and ensure an efficient transition of their wealth to their beneficiaries. 

A succession is said to be international from the moment that there is an element of foreignness connecting the succession to a foreign country. The deceased may be of English nationality and reside in Spain, where he possesses property.

Henceforth, the main question remains that of the applicable law. To that end, we must take into account the regulation of August 17, 2015 which standardizes the civil rules in matters of international succession. In short, these are complex situations where the use of a specialized lawyer is essential.

The importance of having a Spanish Will

Likewise, Spanish law dictates, to a large extent, what happens to a person’s assets when they die. However, it is still extremely important for there to be a Spanish Will which compliments any provisions you may have made in your home country. This simplifies the administration of the deceased’s Spanish estate and consequently reduces costs in the long run.

How we can help

Therefore, among our practice areas, we are capable of giving accurate and relevant advice regarding inheritance. We are fully experts in areas relevant to older and vulnerable adults as well as traditional areas of law such as:

A Real Testimonial from grateful clients (please see real photo below):

« After my father’s unexpected passing, I was left with my parents’ estate in the United States and Spain. Even with my husband being an attorney in the United States, we were overwhelmed with the Spanish legal system and its web of complexities.

I first found BZN Lex law firm while searching the internet. After submitting inquiries to approximately 15-20 attorneys in the Torrevieja/Alicante region, I found that their response stood out from the others giving us a clear guidance. Our situation was highly complex, with parents having different citizenships, multiple heirs with different citizenships, and of course living so far away.

Even though there were language barriers and two different countries’ laws to navigate, BZN Lex guided us step by step through the entire inheritance process including Apostille seals, probate paperwork, powers of attorney, name changes, wills, establishing new accounts, tax issues, insurance and much more.

My family and I now have property in Spain through the help of Oscar and feel at peace knowing that my parents’ estate was taken care of properly through their guidance. I highly recommend BZN Lex and will continue to seek their guidance and help as long as I have any ties to Spain. There is no way I could have done it without them. BZN Lex is an exceptional law firm and rare gem amongst the rest.» Mary. M.V. Tennesee. EEUU.

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