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Business legal services. Commercial and International Trade


Our current client base is spread throughout mainland Europe with our clients involved in a range of business activities including, import/exports from/to Spain.

As members of the Chamber of Commerce in Alicante, we are in permanent contact with the rest of the members, who are mostly involved in international trade practices.

As a result, we are proficient in providing any kind of commercial and business legal services to our clients.

This includes the revision or drawing up of the contract to legal assistance in the event of any subsequent dispute. Being multi-lingual and having a deep understanding of local laws, we are able to effectively advise our clients throughout the duration of any commercial transaction.

We offer commercial legal advice to businesses determined to succeed in today’s competitive environment. We bring a convergence of legal and business visions to bear, in order to ensure that you cover your legal obligations while meeting your business goals, wherever you do business in Spain.

Moreover, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of reviewing or drafting a proper contract, before engaging into any commercial activity in Spain. Just a simple consultation with our Firm might save you from thousands of euros in protracted litigation.


Free movement of goods, services and labor between EU and NONE EU member countries has provided huge trading opportunities for many companies and individuals. Opportunities, however, can bring their own problems and with traders/investors needing to navigate not just local customs but also laws from different jurisdictions. In these circumstances advice and support from a legal firm familiar with these matters proves both economical and invaluable.

Early legal advice can pay dividends in the long run.

We would be delighted to provide you with initial advice and to outline the legal context of your transaction in Spain or with Spanish companies/businesses and where the pitfalls may appear so that you can undertake your transactions in full knowledge of all the facts.

AT THE EVENT OF DISPUTE: When problems arise

Furthermore, in the unfortunate event of conflict, it is essential to rely on a proficient Law Firm.

Therefore, should you be at the unfortunate stage where a dispute has arisen then our services would again be invaluable to you. We always attempt an out of court settlement in any dispute, we believe that this is always the most cost effective route for our client; our overriding aim is always to provide effective legal representation for our client and to ensure our client’s overall costs are minimized.

Quite often in cross border disputes we have noted that literal translation from one language to another can cause a huge level of confusion and misunderstanding which can inflame and prolong any dispute. Our experience and understanding of “spoken” and commercial English minimizes the risk of this.

We have solid experience in the field of international law for the last 15 years. This undeniable advantage will allow us to offer the best legal advice to find solutions adapted to each case.

Finally, we bring a convergence of legal visions to ensure that you comply with your legal obligations while achieving your business objectives, whatever your activities in Spain might be.


Our expertise among this practice areas includes, but is not limited to:

  • Incorporating limited liability companies
  • Setting up of companies in Spain and business development
  • Cross border commercial litigation and dispute resolution. Arbitration and Mediation services in trading and partnership disputes, etc
  • Investment opportunities for foreign companies in Spain
  • Drafting of complex import and export as well as Lease contracts and commercial agreements
  • franchising agreements
  • Sale and purchase of Business
  • Wind-up and dissolution of a business


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Business legal services